[Information]27th Momijikai2016

This is Momijikai Secretariat .

We plan to hold a Nihon Buyo Recital .

Event Date:11/13/2016

Venue       :Isogo Kokaido(next to Isogo Ward office)

Scheduled :12:00-16:30

Free to visitors !

We are looking forward to your visit .

*Nihon Buyo, traditional Japanese Dance, is a refined dance that has been improved throughout four centuries. Nihon Buyo was created directly from Kabuki Buyo before it became theater.


We are JTCS(Japanese Traditional Culture's Supporter) Let's enjoy Japanese Tradition ! 日本舞踊 藤間流 菊友会(教室:横浜/磯子/関内/根岸/新横浜)


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